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Delivering the Equine BIO-Security System

The Equine BIO Clean Vapourising system

The patented BIO Mist is administered via an air assisted Thermostatic gun which heats up the solution to enable the active ingredient to rise and enabling the full coverage of the treated area. In the case of a stable or feed room, the rafters and beams that may have previously gone untouched can be treated as part of the rapid and thorough delivery.

Birds, rats and other unwanted animals can carry bacteria and viruses around very hard to reach surfaces, so the coverage of such areas should not go untreated.

The average stable would take between 5-10 mins to do, and while no rinsing is required means it's a very efficient use of time.

The Vapourising process can be done by one of our Equine BIO Genie teams, or we can provide the equipment and solution in order for the system to be administered by yourselves or staff...in which case, we would provide the initial guidance on how to use it.

Equine BIO trigger sprays

Using the trigger sprays in a tack room

We provide the same solution in a hand held trigger spray - but in a diluted form. This is administered in the same way as ordinary 'spray and wipe' domestic products...but with the increased pathogen killing efficacy of the higher grade stable solution.

This is particularly useful in the 'human' areas such as tack rooms (also for the tack), break out areas, cars, lorries and everyday high touch points like handles, doors and kettles to prevent cross-contamination.

Superior Grade Hand Gels

To complete our 'cross the board' hygiene service - we offer hand gels in different sizes and styles.

In order to sustain our ECO-friendly culture and keep the cost down, we provide REFILLS in larger containers which dramatically reduces the cost per 100ml.

Dependent on quantity we can even offer branded hand sanitisers to personalise the bottles according to your company/organisation or colours!

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If you are interested in either our ‘Dry Vapour’ sterilising service, or our Equine BIO Fluid product itself, we will be delighted to provide an on-site demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

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