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The Equine Bio Clean system

Why do we need the Equine BIO System?


While it is common for most disinfecting products to leave residue and odour - we are not satisfied that this is an acceptable environment to reintroduce a horse into. Oxygenating the stable environment is the common goal of all Equine handlers.

The Equine BIO solution, aside from being completely odourless, boasts a reactive quality whereby it releases OXYGEN when it comes into contact with impurities and decomposition catalysts.

Pathogenic fungi and bacteria

Pathogenic fungi and bacteria (such as Aspergillus) can greatly affect the respiratory system of a horse. RAO and EIPH.

  • Equine BIO kills this pathogen in seconds.


Aspergillus can thrive in bedding, feed and damp areas.

  • Equine BIO is a dry 'BIO mist' which does not require rinsing, thus avoiding residual dampness.


Poor ventilation is a common problem in stabling, and it can be difficult to achieve increased airflow. Solutions can be expensive or impossible due to stable location and design.

  • Equine BIO degrades to Oxygen thus replacing the pathogen with Oxygenated air.
DEFRA Approved

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