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Take control of the training environment

With first-hand experience in all aspects of horseracing; from breeding, preparing, training and race riding – we at EQUINE BIO GENIE understand how difficult it is just getting to the racecourse in peak condition.

There are endless variables to conspire against us on race day – from the ground, to a bad draw…a spread plate to a burst blood vessel. Some things are out of our control.

What we CAN control, is the environment in which our horses live. From a maiden to a Grade 1 winner, they are equally vulnerable to the same infections, viruses, coughs or bacteria…many of which can be responsible for that unexplained poor performance.

Our mission is to help you:

Train Smart

Reduce the risk of sickness and underperformance due to presence of unseen pathogens to create a ‘worry free’ training environment.

Train Safe

Provide a 360 degree treatment of ALL areas of the training facility from stables, tack/tack room, transport and staff areas.

Train Well

Maintain your environment with a safe, eco-friendly, odourless, non-corrosive biocide to combat the threat of unchecked viruses and bateria with our unique application procedure.

Racecourse Infection Control

In a world where Equine Influenza and COVID-19 have dramatically affected our sport in recent times – the infrastructure of a racecourse has the unenviable task of protecting both the Equine and the Human.

The good news is that we can deliver the BIO-SECURITY solution for both. From the transport and stabling of Horses - through to the jockeys, trainers, media and racegoers...the application of EQUINE Bio Genie is widespread, effective and safe across the whole racing experience.

Our mission is to help:

Work Responsibly

Dramatically reduce the risk of contamination via the ‘next level’ pathogen fighter. An all- encompassing application method from stables to changing room to hospitality, to assure the wider community all steps are being taken to protect them.

Work Safely

Ensure the Biosecurity of our horses, jockeys and staff and make your racecourse a ‘worry free’ environment for both racegoers and management in the continuation of a safe sporting environment.

Work Intelligently

Be sure that the most advanced product is being used to cover the widest range of viruses and bacteria known to Equine and Human alike.

Make an enquiry

Please call us on 07796 358 202, or 07971 474 422, or fill out the form below and one of our advisors will be in contact as soon as possible.

If you are interested in either our ‘Dry Vapour’ sterilising service, or our Equine BIO Fluid product itself, we will be delighted to provide an on-site demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

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